It Needed To Be Done

I am not a fan of pumpkin in any form, except that I appreciate the front-porch art you can create with them in the fall to celebrate the harvest season. I appreciate a good jack-o-lantern, especially if I’m not the one who has to carve it. But I’ve never enjoyed EATING pumpkin things. I know [...]

Being a Woman in 2012

I’m beginning to think I grew up in a charmed time in America. Do we all think that? Perhaps we must, because I was born in the middle of the Vietnam War, just before Watergate and the oil embargo. How could anyone consider that to be a charmed era? But the politics I remember from [...]

Why Mitt Romney Can’t Make Birther Jokes

There’s a little sentence I say all the time to my kids: These are the things I shouldn’t have to say out loud. Now, let’s acknowledge that this doesn’t happen in my finest moments of parenting — rather, I say that in my moments of utter exasperation. But that quite accurately describes my feelings about [...]

Let’s Talk About Pro-Business

I don’t ever want to hear again that Tennessee is a pro-business state. The General Assembly last night drove a stake in the heart of its majority’s own argument last night. Let’s lay out my biases on the front end: I’m a life-long Tennessean. I’m a fairly liberal Democrat [raised by two Republicans]. I’m a [...]

About the Occupy Wall Street Thing

So, I’ve been thinking off and on about the Occupy Wall Street protests. Now, I’m pretty darn liberal on most things, so the fact that I’m only half paying attention is not a good sign. But I will say this. Americans are fond of saying that there’s no class system here. And that’s complete bullshit. [...]

My 9/11 Post

I originally published this in September 2006. I re-read it tonight and it’s still my best work on what that day meant to me at the time. So on 9/11, the real one, I was in DC. I was watching CNN when the first plane hit the WTC, and all the news anchors thought it [...]

Let’s talk about how not to be stupid

First, please take a quick skim through this article on a Nashvillian who is suing Google for invading his privacy. Back? Great. [I know, you didn't actually go read it. Short story: To create the street view option that Google Maps offers of so many parts of the country, the company literally sends cars topped [...]

Selling WRVU looks like a great move for Vanderbilt student media

For months, certain quarters in Nashville and Vanderbilt alumni nationwide have buzzed with the idea of selling WRVU, the radio broadcast license owned by Vanderbilt Student Communications. Today VSC announced the sale of the license to WPLN, Nashville’s National Public Radio affiliate station. My take: This is a great move for student media at Vanderbilt. [...]

The follow up to my rant from last week

Rest assured, my temper tantrum has a happy ending. :) So Monday, I stopped in at 3rd and Church Healthcare, which I’ve grown to love the past year or so. They can always see you, Jason Boylan is wonderful, and [nice for me] it’s [depending on what you're there for] not always as expensive as [...]

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