Fixin’ Supper


About Fixin’ Supper®

Making food for the people I care about is my love language. Fixin’ Supper® is my creative outlet to showcase my love of cooking simple foods my entire family can enjoy.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from the University of Georgia and working in banking jobs in New York and San Francisco, I came home to Atlanta, got married and had two kids. I’m a full time working mom, but there is nothing quite like coming home from a long day at the office and having dinner with my family. I’m trying to teach my children the joy of cooking at home and the importance of spending quality time together around the dinner table.

Hey, I’m Jessica

Welcome to Fixin’ Supper, your first stop for Southern-inspired family meals! Join me, a mom of two from Atlanta, as I serve up delicious Southern cuisine and family-friendly meals with weekly meal plans and grocery lists to simplify your busy days.

Meet My Team

Creating memories one meal at a time – meet the heart and soul behind Fixin’ Supper, where every recipe is a love letter to my family. Join us on a culinary journey filled with Southern flavors and cherished moments around the table.

Food is Community

Let’s make cooking a joyous adventure together! Join me on Fixin’ Supper as we rediscover the fun in mealtimes and transform everyday cooking into delightful experiences for the whole family.


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